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NASCAR Brett Thompson Camping World Series Promotional from Craig Morgan on Vimeo.

TMS NASCAR Sponsorship;
Is it an Effective Investment for Your Business?

For a Company considering a diversified advertising program that includes Motorsports
sponsorship, an obvious question must be addressed: that is, will Motorsports advertising
be an effective way to increase both exposure, and financial returns, for your company?
In response to the central thesis of that question, the following information is
presented for marketing review.

It is generally recognized that the combination of:

#1. NASCAR name recognition,

#2. A huge attending and viewing fan base,

#3. A continuity of TV coverage over extended broadcast time spans,

#4. Race Car appearances at corporate functions and local promotions all act to form a confluence of support elements for a contemporary and cost effective
marketing program.

In support of this contention, the following factual content is offered for review.

  • NASCAR racing fans are reliably estimated to number in excess of 45 million. More
    importantly, these fans are among the most “brand loyal” in the U.S.
  • NASCAR fans are 3 times as likely to attempt to purchase the products and services
    of NASCAR sponsors. As a consequence, corporate marketing programs can be specifically
    targeted to the NASCAR viewing audience since they can be addressed as customers
    with a high probability of synergistically linked purchases. Obviously, this linkage
    is highly effective in reducing advertising value often lost in the structure of
    the more conventional broad based, but highly diffuse, “blanket advertising”.
  • TV Exposure: NASCAR Camping World Truck races had over 500,000 first pass viewers
    in 2004. Since that time, this number has been increasing at about 90,000 viewers
    per year!
  • NASCAR Camping World Truck races air live on SPEED Channel: the yearly schedule
    of races is typically 25 events.
  • Over 1,000,000 fans attend NASCAR Camping World Truck Races each year.
  • Exposure Value: NASCAR Series sponsors have gained over $5 billion in Sponsorship
    in 2005.
  • The combined Camping World Truck Series advertising exposure value is
    estimated to be in excess of $250,000,000! These numbers provide a compelling reason
    why the “Camping World” brand has elected to be the Truck Series sponsor.
  • In some scenarios, marketing costs computed on a viewer basis can be on the order
    of 5 to 10 cents per viewer, per race! Even more astonishing than this low cost
    figure is the clear reality that, unlike other forms of advertising, almost all
    marketing funds are used to communicate directly to the demographic of a known customer
    who is highly likely to associate their needs with your product.
  • Clearly, the NASCAR brand acts to attract a viewer with a highly defined demographic
    profile, and, that viewer can be readily identified and specifically marketed to.
  • Advertising Time; Brand Exposure, as opposed to the purchase of 30 second TV spots,
    is continuous over the extended time-span of an entire race. Typically, races will
    exceed 2 hours as the TV cameras, and fans, follow the race developments.
  • More importantly, the viewer does not view Race Car Sponsor logos as form of overt
    advertising. In action programming, the fan often associates commercials as an annoying
    interruption of the action that is forced on them by the TV advertisers. However,
    in point of fact, the typical NASCAR fan knows and appreciates car sponsorship as
    an absolute necessity for the health of their sport. Thus, NASCAR fans have shown
    themselves to have a powerful connection to their car and truck sponsors and they
    strongly view this “passive” form of advertising, and the brands involved,
    with a positive attitude. Obviously, any positive response toward product
    advertising is uncommon; however, it tends to be reasonably common in the world
    of sport, and particularly so in NASCAR.

Thompson Motorsports can help your company in identifying who this “Heart
of America” NASCAR race fan is, as well as his specific product needs. Matching
fan demographics and product marketing is part of Thompson Motorsports commitment
to you. Although a highly specific and targeted consumer is good for any
marketing program, missing that connection also carries a greater risk for
the advertiser. At TMS, it is not our intention to simply provide a platform
for sponsorships. It is, however, our goal to form long term mutual
partnerships that will benefit your company, your customers, and
the involvement of both of our Companies in NASCAR racing.

Cost effective motorsports marketing programs, reflecting both the philosophy and
needs of your business, will be mutually formulated. Creative agreements can be
tailored to fit your marketing budget, as well as any geographic limitations associated
with area specific brand names.

Full and Partial sponsorships for the NASCAR Camping World Series Grand National
#60 car, and the NASCAR #61 Camping World Truck are currently available.

We invite interested parties to call Thompson Motorsports
at 208.324.3123

Please Note:

The Camping World Truck Series information has been used as a metaphor for NASCAR Racing
in general. This NCWTS example was selected because the marketing connection between
“customer and company” is so intensely specific, obvious, and potentially beneficial.

The NASCAR Truck fan is mostly middle, to upper-middle income, and may be viewed
metaphorically as the “Typical American Man” (Note: NASCAR has a strong Diversity
Program in place; it will progressively expand this demographic but the gender differential
is likely to remain fairly stationary). His life is one conducted with a devotion
to above average values. He is loyal in his beliefs. He believes in fairness and
honesty. He is likely to be a family man, a do it yourself individual, and a small
business owner. He is also more likely to barbeque at home than dine at Spago, more
likely to listen to C&W music than Opera, and more likely to attend baseball
games, hunting, camp, etc., than to belong to the local golf club. He will do the
purchasing when it comes to items such as family or company insurance, home maintenance
items, tires, lawnmowers, etc. He tends to be “Suburban” rather than “Urban”. He
would rather watch NASCAR than Grand Prix. He is the purchaser of the largest selling
single class of vehicles in the US : light trucks!   Were he a painting he would likely be
entitled “Heart of America”.

Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, and Dodge recognize this reality, as does the series sponsor Camping World Tools.
Corporate advertisers such as Camping World and Kingsford Charcoal build marketing
programs on the basis of this rational. We invite you to further explore this information
base to determine if a NASCAR sponsorship will work for you.

The Thompson Motorsports’ parts shop also carries many products from the following manufacturers.

Lawson Products Longacre Lonnie Rush Jr Left Hander Chassis Racing Plus Inc Seals It VaCom Tech Brenner Thermal Control Products Safe Kids Of The Magic Valley Rebco Performance Schroeder Racing Products Rons Rear Ends Low Budget TV Kroyer Racing Engines Racing West

For Sponsors & Racer Development:

Thompson Motorsports L.L.C.

2398 Victory Lane /PO Box 137
Jerome, ID 83338


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