Thompson Motorsports; 2010 Realignment of Truck Brand and Engine Builders

By RA Fariello ~ Feb 27th

Thompson Motorsports announces that, for the 2010 Race season, the following major changes will take place

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: after 3 seasons competing as a Dodge Truck, TMS will race the 2010 NASCAR Truck Series in a Chevrolet Truck. Although TMS enjoyed a good measure of success when compared to other Dodge Teams it became apparent that, to be competitive in the NCWT Series, a Brand change was necessary. For TMS, this change was made over the winter months and, for the upcoming season, the #61 Truck of Brett Thompson will be a Chevrolet. With new Crew Chief Charlie Wilson’s experience in this racing series, combined with the move to Chevrolet Trucks, TMS expects to have a far more competitive package for their selected races.
NASCAR GN “K&N Pro Series” Car: Engine work, and rebuilding will, for 2010, be shipped to and, performed by, ECR (Earnhardt Childress Racing). A high level of testing and expertise are hallmarks at ECR and their engines have gained wide acceptance in the NASCAR GN series. TMS is very pleased to have made this business association with ECR.

Rocky Mountain Challenge Series Car: While TMS is finishing the building process of their new Rocky Mountain Challenge Car, Kevin Kroyer (Kroyer Racing Engines) is building a competitive engine package for the series. Kevin’s N. Las Vegas Shop is a Mecca for horsepower and reliability. TMS is confident that this friend, and “Engine Builder of the Year” award winner, will provide them with ‘engines of excellence’. The TMS performance expectation is an earned hallmark of Kroyer Racing Engines.

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